Manila, Philippines — Isn’t it inspiring when you learn how a humble entrepreneur scores a collaborative campaign with a global fashion brand? Such is the case for Justinne Natividad, the Filipina businesswoman behind jewelry line Trinkets Jewelry, as it launched a line of t-shirts and tote bags with international clothing line Uniqlo.

Justinne, who was also our cover star for the first-ever Style Visionary issue back in Women’s Month 2023, founded Trinkets Fine Jewelry to inspire women to own their sparkle through fashion and confidence. She indeed continues to inspire everyone to sparkle with her jewelry brand’s merchandise with Uniqlo, with inspiring catch phrases on tote bags and shirts such as, “Flaunt Your Sparkle”. How cute are these Trinkets Jewelry x Uniqlo shirts and bags?

The Trinkets Jewelry x Uniqlo collection is currently available for purchase at the Uniqlo‘s Philippine flagship store at Glorietta 5 in Makati City.

We have caught up with the jewelry designer herself to talk more about her awesome collab capsule with Uniqlo!

Justinne shared that she wanted to stay true to the messaging of her brand through their fashion pieces created specifically for the Uniqlo collab collection.

“At first, we thought of highlighting our best selling products alone. But as our team was designing and brainstorming, we decided to incorporate inspirational quotes or phrases so that the wearer will be reminded everytime she wears the shirt to flaunt her own sparkle and embrace her own uniqueness,Justinne said.

“Moreover, we thought of designs that would speak more to our target market regardless of age. As we expanded our product line from gold jewelry to pearl jewelry, we wanted to show that pearls could also be worn by modern woman — as seen on our Modern Woman design (Illustration of a woman wearing jewelry),” she added.

Justinne also mentioned that the collab was actually the Japanese retailer’s way of highlighting local brands in the Philippines.

“Our Uniqlo collaboration is about highlighting local brands in the community. The brands were selected from different categories such as food, candles, jewelry and clothing. Uniqlo really helped us with brand awareness and marketing, we loved how hands on they were with the displays and pubmats as well.”

“We’re actually very grateful for the collaboration because Uniqlo helped us highlight that we’re not only just a jewelry brand, but also a lifestyle and inspiration for women of all shapes and sizes.”

The designer also spilled that she used to work for Uniqlo back in 2018, and now that she has been tapped to be a brand collaborator is such a dream come true!

“I used to work at Uniqlo back in 2018 as an UMC, and I’ve always looked up to the brand and the company. I learned a lot about improving operations and business processes while working for them. Literally, my closet is full of Uniqlo pieces, so I was super thrilled when Uniqlo approached and messaged us regarding the collaboration. Thankfully, Trinkets Fine Jewelry already has a sticker collection for submission and we just improved it when we got approved to be part of the campaign.”

“Until now, it feels very surreal that a small brand like ours is part of the Uniqlo Collaboration. It’s definitely one for the books! As a start-up brand, this collaboration is an unforgettable one,” she concluded.

The Trinkets Jewelry x Uniqlo collborative collection is now available at Uniqlo Glorietta 5 Store until September 2023.

Truly, one who follows the heart’s desire and knows how to work hard through the vision can inspire the world to sparkle. Keep on shining, Justinne!

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