Style Visionary Network is a digital channel created to celebrate the vision and creativity of visionaries in the landscapes of style, beauty, lifestyle and art– serving as the digital home channel of Stylista TV, The Collective & Stylish Magazine.


STYLISTA TV‘s slogan is Style that Empowers, Creativity that Inspires. Hosted by Katarina Rodriguez, the TV show is poised to join its viewers into a journey of self-discovery and self-love by harnessing the power of taking good care of one’s well-being and creativity and taking inspiration from the rich visual narratives of fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

STYLISH MAGAZINE is your dose of self-love, style and inspiration. Releasing its quarterly flippable issue with cover stars from the fields of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and entertainment, Stylish Magazine offers readers a fun way to consume stories in article format and visual narratives. On the other hand, Stylish also publishes daily tab articles for the latest in fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

THE COLLECTIVE features both long features and tidbits focusing on music, film, photography, culture and contemporary art.

...all about self-love, creativity,
inspiration, strength, determination
and empowerment."

Stylista TV

Executive Producer: Marane Plaza

Segment Producer & Scriptwriter: Anna Pangalangan


Stylish Magazine Team

Editor-In-Chief: Marane Plaza

Section Editor: Seph Asong

Art Director: Niel Santiago Tayao


Dexter Francis De Vera

Anna Pangalangan

Red Dimaandal

Kristel Yap

Rad Ashley Esguerra

Jove Moya

Eri Uemura

Matt Angeles

Angelica Panibio


The Collective

Editor: Seph Asong


Anna Pangalangan

Matt Angeles

Marane Plaza
Creative Director and Founder

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