It is refreshing to learn that some Filipino designers are advocating slow fashion, promoting Filipino textile and providing livelihood to displaced tailors and seamstresses while doing so. It is no secret that the global pandemic has caused some lost jobs within the fashion industry, while non-biodegradable fabrics cause some serious impact on our environment.

Which is why Everyday CAMLU x Creative Definitions’s collab collection for this season’s Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival is so inspiring. The New Weave collection showcased at the PMFF Season 12 by Everyday CAMLU x Creative Definitions is a great testament on what fashion visionaries can do within the industry that can push worthwhile causes.

“The inspiration of our collection is to create a contemporary luxury resort collection using handwoven Philippine textiles. It is an introspective move in reinventing, innovating, promoting, taking pride in anything locally produced or made and strengthening culture and tradition by enhancing Filipino identity,” Camille Villanueva, one-half of CAMLU, shared with us. She co-founded the clothing line with well-known stylist and designer Luis Espiritu.

“Our New Weave collection spotlights the pioneering efforts of our textile partner Creative Definitions in fusing pineapple fiber with cotton,” Luis Espiritu added. “Historically, this is the first of its kind to come out in a show. We also partnered with Aishe Fashion for our footwear needs, and LaraSamarPh for the bags to create that unifying overall handwoven statement– from the clothes, the bags, and down to the shoes.”

CAMLU and Creative Definitions aim to create slow fashion pieces for everyday wear. The brand started as a way to provide employment opportunities and sustainable livelihood to displaced tailors and seamstresses. Through their brand, they aim to promote a circular economy wherein everyone from the supply chain benefits.

Their vision is to present limited edition artisanal pieces made from handwoven textiles. Masks, clothes, and footwear are just a few of their creations where they use local fabrics.

“We practice and advocate slow fashion, so all of our pieces are made-to-order. You can send us a message through Facebook at Everyday CAMLU or on Instagram @CAMLU1111,” Camille concluded.

CAMLU’s studio is located at LPL Plaza, 124 Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati City, Metro Manila 1227, Philippines. You may also email the brand at for commissioned work and custom designs.

Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Season 12 is showcasing another set of fashion designers tomorrow, June 1, for its Day 2 only at