It is difficult, almost uncomfortable, to talk about fashion these days, especially since we are all collectively feeling vulnerable from the stress and uncertainty brought by the COVID-19 virus. This pandemic has definitely brought out the best and worst in each of us, but has also inevitably refined our character and strength along the way.

When thousands of lives are lost each day worldwide, we are all collectively grieving, consciously and subconsciously. We are, after all, part of the human race—made of collective emotions that make us who and what we are.

It is easy to fall for the misconception that fashion is just a shallow concept of vanity, but we would like to believe that the art of it has always provided reflection of who we are as humans at a certain time period, individually and collectively. And in this time of pandemic, the very industry that we call shallow is the same selfless industry which has been hard at work in creating PPEs that are literally the only protection our medical heroes could use today. While the work of fashion professionals can never be tantamount to the sacrifices of our medical frontliners, we would like to think that fashion has reflected and documented this day and age in our country when we Filipinos stay true to our spirit of bayanihan as the industry developed, created and donated medical-grade protective suits for our frontliners.

In our story Fashion is Passion, we discuss how Mich Dulce, and a number of fashion designers, patternmakers, sewers and fashion volunteers in the country have transformed their own studios and ateliers into instant factories of quality, medical-grade personal protective equipment (PPE) suits for our medical frontliners and volunteers. So much so that the pattern Dulce’s team had created has met the standards of Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies headed by Gui Cavalcanti in Berkeley, California. This PPE design and pattern have been copied by designers from different countries such as Algeria, Thailand, Bolivia, Michigan in the USA, Egypt, Indonesia, Australia, Botswana, Nepal, Belarus, and Morocco. The Filipino fashion industry has indeed not only helped our local community, but also the global ones that also need protective suits for their own frontliners, too.

We also have the #RajoRunwayOnline story here , a tale on how the local fashion event industry has stood up and led the country in boosting its morale by staging an inspiring virtual fashion show amidst the pandemic.

This story is to remind us that while global reports say that the event management industry is dead, we do have options to transition our fashion show experience through the power of technology. Event industry leader SAGA Events headed by Robby Carmona staged #RajoRunwayOnline in collaboration with fashion designer Rajo Laurel. Together, we all witnessed that there’s a small spark of hope left in both fashion and event industries. And that hope can maybe inspire other industries and businesses, too, as we push ourselves to overcome economic uncertainties.

Speaking of economic uncertainties, we want to uplift the Philippine beauty industry by encouraging you to shop Filipina-owned cosmetic brands as featured in one of our stories in our Beauty Tab. In this feature, you will discover how Filipina beauty entrepreneurs have been slaying the business scene.

Of course, we want to help you with coping in this pandemic by highlighting the importance of taking care of your mental health. Our writer Anna Bettina Pangalangan shares her personal experience on getting herself a therapist especially in these trying times, in this story here. Another self-help tip that we wanna impart is the power of urban farming, and how you can jumpstart your own garden for your personal vegetable consumption in this beginner’s guide here.

It is impossible to start the story of Stylish e-Magazine without telling its history. We have been producing content for an upcoming fashion-based TV show since August 2019. The show is called Stylista TV, hosted by our cover girl Katarina Rodriguez. We are highlighting her own story of fashion, self-discovery and purpose in this premier issue of Stylish e-Magazine.

With our original timetable and plans, all these would have been a glamorous press launch event, introducing you the new cable show Stylista TV hosted by Katarina. It will still happen, but later on in the year, or once it is safe for all of us. The pandemic has shown us that there should be new ways to communicate our message, and there should be updated ways to document the brilliance of today’s Filipino fashion industry beyond its artistry. While we would love to have a fashion press party instead, or launch the TV show with you, we deem it more important to do what is most needed in this time of collective pain and sorrow— and that is to send a message of hope and empowerment. Thus, giving you the sudden birth of this digital platform: Stylish e-Magazine.

Katarina’s journey is a story of overcoming hardships, pursuing goals, adapting to changes and levelling up oneself, but still remaining true to one’s core values. She is the epitome of a modern Stylish woman, a true-blue advocate of self-love and empowerment, a redefined Stylista. Her story is very much like Stylista TV and Stylish e-Magazine– a discovery of heart, self-love and purpose in everything that we do.

We would like to go to the basic message of hope, and that is to uplift ourselves despite the darkness of days, to encourage ourselves despite hardships, and to love ourselves authentically and deeply even when it is challenging. And sometimes, loving ourselves is as basic as going back to our own creativity when it comes to nurturing ourselves: through good food, well-being, preening or style.

Here at Style Visionary Network and Stylish e-Magazine, we want to welcome you to a whole new meaning of being stylish. And that definition is all about self-love, creativity, inspiration, strength, determination and empowerment. And more than anything, we want to send a message that we are never alone. We have been trying to protect each other, we have been uplifting each other, as we have been there for each other in these dark, trying times. We are hoping you are still with us once we see the other side of this pandemic.

...all about self-love, creativity,
inspiration, strength, determination
and empowerment."

Much Love,

Marane Plaza
Creative Director

Fashion is Passion

In this time of pandemic, we are documenting here the Philippine fashion industry’s sense of bayanihan, one donated PPE at a time. The horror of the COVID-19 virus has been caused major impact on all of us, but the exhausting challenges of the illness have…


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