We couldn’t be more excited to have our favorite America’s Next Top Model winner everrrr to be on the cover of this issue of Stylish Magazine: the ever so stunning and talented Naima Mora. And this cover is extra special because it has been creative directed and produced by Naima herself, showcasing this model’s artistry and creative eye.  

America’s Next Top Model will always be our favorite modelling competition and reality TV in one, ever. The TV show creation of the one and only Tyra Banks has grown into a full blown global TV franchise, with various international versions like Asia’s Next Top Model and Germany’s Next Top Model hosted by Heidi Klum. But all real OG fans of ANTM know that nothing can beat the first few seasons of America’s Next Top Model. There were raw, authentic, fun personalities, oozing with charm, sex appeal and talent. We were all instant viewers of ANTM from cycles 1 to 3, but it was cycle 4 that really put America’s Next Top Model on that another level of fame, hype, relatability  and viewer obsession. And it was because of that cycle’s interesting mix of amazing model personalities and of course, that cycle’s superstar, Naima. There are reasons she’s been dubbed as America’s Next Top Model Favorite Winner. 

Beyond her ANTM fame, Naima has proved that she is more than just a top model. The stunner can sing and produce music (she was the vocalist of the bands Chewing Pics and Galaxy of Tar), and she can definitely write. Naima authored the book Model Behavior, which has been more than just about inspiring aspiring models. The book showcases Naima’s personal insights and stories from her own journey– from living a consciously healthy lifestyle to overcoming adversities in the fashion industry. These days, she’s been producing and contributing content for the world’s leading fashion magazines, such as some international versions of Cosmopolitan and Vogue. Indeed, our favorite top model has come a long way.

We also have some fashion editorial pages that showcase the creations of some of our favorite Filipino fashion designers. From high fashion couture by Rocky Gathercole, to street style brilliance by Kirby Cruz. 

We are also proud to introduce to you the country’s first ever premium shapewear brand meant to empower women of all body types and backgrounds: Adam & Eve. Learn how you can have your own couture confidence with Adam & Eve through our editorial shoot. This shapewear lingerie brand is set to be featured virtually on Stylista TV’s special segment on Digital Fashion Week Conversations, in partnership with Singapore’s Digital Fashion Week and our home digital channel Style Visionary Network on September 30, 2020 at 2PM. Will keep you posted on the details!

For this issue, we just really wanna go back to the core basics of why we are publishing content: to celebrate the fun and beauty of fashion, and the artistry of the creative people who are generously sharing their talent to showcase, express and interpret fashion passionately through visual narratives– like how Naima has done for this ish. Hope you enjoy flipping through our pages as much as we enjoyed making it!

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”

-Albert Einstein

Much Love,

Marane Plaza

Stylish Magazine- EIC

Style Visionary Network- Creative Director

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