BGC, Philippines– When you think about it, chocolates never fail to put a smile on anyone’s face. Whether you’re a chocoholic or not, a box of chocolates any season of the year just works. Even the thought that someone took the time to buy and give you some can make anyone’s heart flutter.  

“We’re lucky because we grow a rare, premium variant of cacao in Doncris Farm called criollo, which is used to make topnotch chocolate truffles that can definitely compete with those from Europe or the Middle East,” Christina Maciba, founder of Doncris Chocolade, shared with Stylish Magazine.

For the heiress of Doncris Cacao, developing the brand Doncris Chocolade is more than just a business move. Christina is carrying the torch for Mr. Eliodoro Maciba, the first to plant the seeds of sweet dreams in their humble cacao farm in the heart of Barangay Binakalan, Gingoog City in Misamis Oriental, Philippines.

“My father was always very traditional with his approach in our cacao business, opting to supply cacao beans as raw materials to consolidators. I’ve always believed that we can do so much more, especially since we grow the rarest and highest quality of cacao variants in our farm. So I would always pitch to my father that we also produce chocolates and other cacao products from our land,” she said. “When I presented to him the business plan, he eventually trusted my vision for Doncris and gave it a go.”

The exquisite quality and flavor of Doncris chocolate truffles, after all, rely on the excellent quality of the soil of Doncris Farm.

“Our soil in our cacao farm is very fertile, and has never been planted with any crops other than cacao. It has also never been planted with any kinds of fertilizers. This assures the consumers that our cacao, the raw materials used in making Doncris chocolates, are all-natural, healthy and of course, flavorful.”

After a thorough research and product development process, Christina and her team introduced the first-ever cacao product from Doncris Farm in 2021. The Doncris Tablea was launched in December that year. “We first offered it to our existing natural market, then through the social media. We received positive feedback. From then on, I started experimenting on creating chocolates out of our cacao beans.”

Christina Maciba, founder of Doncris Cacao

“We have three rare and premium variants from our farm: the criollo, forastero, and trinitario, which is a by-product of criollo and forastero. These variants of cacao raw materials are so rare, it makes me so proud that they are grown here in the Philippines. They can make premium chocolates that can be compared to Belgian and Swiss chocolates. Our pure dark cacao beans when turned into chocolates produce a flavor note that is on the berry-side.”

In July 2023, Christina started formally working on their line of Doncris chocolates alongside talented chefs and chocolatiers.

“I am so confident of Doncris Chocolade not only because the cacao beans used to make them were grown from fertile, natural soil, but also because we used natural and healthy ingredients in making our chocolates. Absolutely no vegetable oil or palm oil, and no extenders because we use pure cocoa butter. The 64% dark chocolate of our products came from DonCris Farm,” she explained. “With Doncris, it is guaranteed that you can enjoy the natural, artisanal, and handcrafted goodness of premium chocolate truffles created by talented Filipino chocolatiers.”

The founder made a conscious decision to focus on producing premium truffles, instead of the usual chocolate bars in the Philippines. “I want to prove to the world that we can produce premium truffles too here in the Philippines that are at par if not better than those from Europe and the US. I want to show to the Filipinos that we have something to be proud of when it comes to our own chocolate industry.”


The Doncris Chocolade truffle line comes in six flavors: Almond Truffle Nutty Crunch Delight, Coconut Truffle Tropical Dream, Dark Truffle Midnight Decadence, Matcha Truffle Zen Harmony, Milk Chocolate-Smooth Dairy Temptations, and Rum Truffle – Philippine Bliss. Each flavor is rich with velvety decadence that deliciously melts in your mouth.

“I am proud of my talented and skillful chocolatiers in the country, and I am glad that the Philippine government has also extended support to some of them to really hone their knowledge in the chocolate manufacturing business. They made my vision come to life,” she said.

Before focusing on their family business, Christina worked in the medical field for four years as a medical technician and researcher. She also worked as a financial advisor for 12 years in the insurance industry, making her the current president of LUAP, or Life Underwriters Association of the Philippines, an organization of financial advisors of the Philippines.

“If not for the sales experience, skills and network I got from the insurance industry, I don’t think I can make my vision with Doncris Chocolade happen,” she said.

Before Mr. Eliodoro’s passing in April 2023, Christina was able to show her father that she could indeed take Doncris Farm to elevated heights with its premium cacao products– from its humble beginnings with their tablea line. The Doncris chocolate line, on the other hand, can potentially put the Philippines in the map when it comes to exquisite chocolate truffles, which she hopes can make her dad proud.

“My vision is for Doncris Cacao and Doncris Chocolade to be one of the big players in the cacao and chocolate industries across the world,” she concluded. “It is about carrying  the torch of my father who truly first planted the seeds of vision to enrich the country with our rich, flavorful cacao beans.”

Doncris Chocolade will be formally launched in the market in January 2024. It is also a business-to-business enterprise which can produce exclusive elite lines of chocolates for special occassions, brands and companies. For more information, visit