Filipino fashion designer Ronaldo Arnaldo has been recently featured on the runways of the prestigious LA Fashion Week, as he’s just launched his new collection this season.  

The collection is called “The Masked Portraits of Picasso”, a series of fashionable protective wear in dedication to healthcare workers. The pieces were inspired by the work of Spanish painter Pablo Ruiz Picasso, as reimagined scrubs showcased some artwork reminiscent of Picasso’s paintings.

“I’ve been so amazed  by Picasso’s work ever since I saw them at the Guggenheim Museum,” Ronaldo said. “I deliberately added his portraits onto the face masks to show the world that the the new normal in fashion are stylish PPEs.”


The designer added, “His works have so many messages and I find it quite appropriate as an inspiration for what’s happening in the world today.”

Arnaldo shared how he acquired the stint. “I got an email proposal early this year from a USA company who saw my business on Instagram, as they proposed a collaboration with me. The concept was to create a fashionable uniform to uplift the spirits of frontliners. I got excited with the idea, so I submitted sketches for a capsule collection. They liked it and asked if I can produce the collection to be launched in LA Fashion Week in October. Of course, I immediately grab the opportunity and here I am now in Los Angeles, California!”

“The materials for the prototype used in the fashion show are all sourced in Manila, Philippines. They are mostly cotton blends and athleisure type of fabrics,” he said. “The actual production however will be all made in the USA. They actually hired me to work for them after the launch to oversee the creative side of the manufacturing.”

The collection will be available online early next year, along with the official website for his namesake brand Ronaldo Arnaldo Couture.

You may follow the designer on Instagram @ronaldoarnaldocouture.