The fashion presentation of Mavy De Leon Ladlad at the recently held Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Season 12 in Okada displayed marvelous silver and blue couture gowns and formalwear for men— an opulent visual treat for fashion aficionados.

“My collection titled Kiss of the Silver Moon is inspired by the radiance of the moon. I am amazed how the moon’s light touches the surface of the ocean, creating bursts of luminescent colors of sparkling silver and blue– which became my color palettes for this collection,” Mavy shared in an exclusive interview with us.

“The designs are a celebration of the beauty of the human figure. Tailored suits for men in silver gray and black defy evening elegance into a more adventurous daytime fab. While my flowing gowns are made from carefully selected sequined fabrics and diaphanous materials that glorify the hourglass figure of a woman. The bodice patterns are accentuated with  lavishly beaded Maranao monochromatic patterns, which are called the ‘okir’— thus integrating a touch of Mindanao culture into my collection ,” she said.

The exquisite beauty of the formalwear creations truly shine beyond the luminosity of sun and moon combined:

A medical doctor turned designer, Mavy De Leon Ladlad made a name for herself in the fashion industry gradually. She first worked as a ramp model and muse for several distinguished designers in her hometown in Cagayan de Oro before pursuing fashion design. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of the Philippines, she launched her own label Mavy De Leon Ladlad Couture.

Her atelier is located at the Upper Carmen in Cagayan de Oro City 9000, Philippines. You may reach out to her via her email address