Gil Macaibay III‘s story behind her fashion presentation for Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Season 12 is probably one of the most inspiring ones yet for this season.  Titled “Hope”, the fashion designer’s latest collection has been inspired by this photo:

“She used to be a sewer in our barangay. But because of diabetes affecting her eyesight, she’s now selling flowers and vegetables on the streets amidst this pandemic,” Gil shared in an exclusive interview with us.

“With her, I see hope. I don’t know if I’m making sense, but she’s my inspiration for this collection. And I promised her that when I sell a piece from my collection, the money will be hers,” she added, further saying that she envisions to pass on hope through her collection too. 

True to their inspiration, Gil’s creations showcase color palettes, details and embellishments seen in the photo. Material-wise, the fashion creator emphasized that she mostly tried to advocate sustainability by using archived materials.

“By virtue of sustainability, I used a variety of materials that are mostly waste materials from clothes made over the years. The fabrics used in this collection range from wool, linen, tulle, neoprene and Mindanao silk. And I also had Balud, a hand-woven Maranao fabric, as my main accent,” she said.

Aesthetic- and advocacy-wise, the stunning 9-piece collection is indeed a message of hope.

Before entering the fashion industry, Gil Macaibay III was a registered nurse. He is a proud Kagay-anon who pursued designing to fulfill his passion for creating unique and stylish clothing.

To extend hope through fashion, you may purchase the fabulous couture pieces from the “Hope” collection via Gil’s Instagram @gilmacaibay, her Facebook account Gil Macaibay III or her email address For physical inquiries, you may visit her atelier located at 1255 Macaibay Compound, Bolonsire Road Camaman-an, Cagayan de Oro City 9000, Philippines.