Manila, Philippines– For this week’s episode of Drag Race Philippines, the mom of the batch Xylhouete took home the “Ru-Badge” and rightfully so, as she stunned the judges and audience with her flawless runway performance with partner and guest drag queen Xhadow.

If you’re wondering who designed the power duo looks, it’s none other than Filipino fashion designer Job Dacon.

In a Facebook post,  the designer shared the details and inspiration of the winning fashion statements: 

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“We came up with two incredibly different art styles, but stemming from one root: the intricacy and details,” Dacon said.

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“The one worn by Gel Jimenez (also known as) Xhadow harkens to the Baroque era of impressionism, as the print used in the dress was a trippy edit of the Apotheosis of Hercules by François Lemonye, where the characters are much more realistic than Xilhouete’s outfit.” 

On the other hand, Xilhouete’s look was inspired by expressionism.

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Describing the look of the latter, the designer said, “The print is a kaleidoscopic alteration of H.R. Giger’s Lilith, which though intricate, exhibits a more abstract and surreal aesthetic.”

Job concluded, “For cohesiveness, mother Xil wanted to heavily base the overall looks on her brand of structure mixed with goth while exuding elegance even without the added “chechebureche” as she’d say. And of course, no outfit of ours will be complete without our signature wasp corsets to tie it all together.”

Image Source: Job Dacon’s Facebook page, screencap from Drag Race Philippines