A quick search on Google tells us that Japan has more than 50,000 convenience stores, known as kombini, that continue to be a driving force of the country’s retail industry which accounts for 8.3 percent of its total annual sales value according to a report made by Statista.

Convenience stores in Japan primarily sell food, including a wide range of meals, snacks and sweets, such as onigiri (rice balls), bread, obento (lunch boxes), instant ramen, and even hot meals like fried chicken. The strong competition between the three biggest operators: Seven Eleven, Family Mart and Lawson, constantly produces new innovative products and services that are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This what makes Japanese convenience stores truly convenient—selling what Japanese consumers need, when and where they need it. 

Apart from the basic necessities, convenience stores in Japan also sell books, fashion accessories, and even clothes. Virtually the only thing these stores don’t have is furniture, but that’s about to change with IKEA joining the big players. 

On Monday, June 8, IKEA opened its first urban location in Harajuku, a neighborhood in Japan best known for its street art and subculture fashion. With its prime location at the very heart of Tokyo’s thriving modern youth culture scene, the retail giant is poised to change the whole shopping experience.

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IKEA原宿、本日オープン! 日本で初の都心型店舗、IKEA原宿がオープンしました。 都心型の暮らしに特化したソリューションや、サステナブルな商品を手ごろな価格 でお届けします! 便利なロケーションでお気軽にお買い物をお楽しみください。 オープンにあたり、IKEA原宿は新型コロナウイルスの感染予防・拡大防止策として、当面の間混雑緩和のため、店頭のチケットシステムにて入場整理券の発行、店内の状況によって、入場制限を行うなど、様々な取り組みを実施します。 また、お客さまにもマスク着用の上ご来店いただく、開店前に店頭に並ぶことは控えていただくなど、ご協力をお願いいたします。 #IKEA #ikeajapan #IKEA原宿 #IKEAHarajuku #イケア #インテリア #原宿

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The newly opened 2,500 square-meter 2-storey IKEA store offers approximately 1,000 items, which are divided into four sections: Sleep, Organise, Relax, and Cook & Eat. 

The first floor is, of course, the center of attraction with its Swedish kombini where you can speedily shop for affordable and sustainable products such as palm-sized eco-bags, freezer bags made from plant-based materials, organic drinks, vegan ice cream, and even plant-based ramen.

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[なんでも揃う最強スポットがついに原宿に!] 今月8日原宿にIKEAがオープン!  特に注目なのが店舗の中にあるカフェで食べられる原宿店限定メニューのツンブロード!お肉系から甘〜いスイーツ系まで種類豊富😻❣️   写真2枚目は、各店舗で人気のIKEAのバッグがミニサイズになったキーホルダー!なんと一つ99円で買えちゃうんです🧚‍♂️原宿店では黄色バージョンが買えるそうです🔶🧡 ぜひチェックしてみてください🌳  IKEA公式サイトから⬇︎ IKEA原宿店 住所  東京都渋谷区神宮前1-14-30 WITH HARAJUKU内  営業時間 全日11:00~20:00(当面の間) 年中無休(2月第4水曜日をのぞく)  カフェ営業時間 ストア営業時間と同じ  アクセス  電車  JR 原宿駅 徒歩1 分 東京メトロ千代田線「明治神宮前〈原宿〉駅」徒歩1分 =============================  Nadie(ナディエ)のアカウントでは 女子高生目線の"イマ"を発信中…📡  @_nadie_official では紹介する写真を募集中🤳  タグつけまたは#ナディエ のハッシュタグをつけてくれた写真をリポストしています🔍  ==============================#ikea #ikeahome #ikeaharajuku #ikea原宿 #イケア #イケア購入品 #イケア原宿 #原宿ランチ #原宿カフェ #原宿カフェ巡り #原宿グルメ#ikeaキーホルダー #ikeaバッグキーホルダー#東京 #東京カフェ #harajuku #イケアレストラン #イケアフード #スイーツ #東京スイーツ #東京グルメ #東京観光

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In addition to all the exciting items on the first floor is IKEA’s own coffee shop, where shoppers can have their daily dose of caffeine before or after doing their grocery shopping.

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Next to the kombini are the Sleep and Organise sections, which include all sorts of furniture, from chairs to beds.

The second floor is where the Relax and Cook & Eat sections are located, where buyers can find products such as kitchenware, home decor, and sofas. And if you’re tired and getting hungry from all the shopping, there’s another café on the second floor that serves Swedish food like flatbread tunnbrod.

TUNNBRÖD veggie cheese sausage and chocolate banana TUNNBRÖD dessert available at IKEA Harajuku. IKEA Japan is currently the only IKEA in the world that serves tunnbrods.

With the COVID-19 situation in Japan being far from over, IKEA Japan has implemented strict protocols following its local public health measures starting with its store personnel.

During the press event held on its opening day, IKEA Japan’s CEO Helen Von Reis was quoted saying, “IKEA’s mission is to provide high-quality products at low prices for everyone in our generation.”

IKEA Japan’s CEO Helen Von Reis during the ribbon-cutting joined by Swedish Ambassador to Japan Pereric Högberg.